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Realme U1: Latest budget selfie smartphone from Realme launched in India with Helio P70 on board and 25 MP selfie camera

Realme has been most immersive smartphone brand of 2018. Well this is the sub brand of Oppo but has done relatively better than its parent brand. While Oppo has been targeted the higher end premium smartphones, Realme is aggresively working with the budget and mid-range category smartphones. Recently it launched its budget range selfie centric smartphone, Realme U1 in India. The specs and pricing are quite impressive.
Design & Display:       Seriously, Realme devices have been one of the most beautiful looking smartphones of 2018 in the mid-range segment. All the devices have premium looking rear design. Though they still are using polycarbonate to make the bodies of the phone. This is also not an exception. It has a 6.3 inch notched Full HD+ IPS LCD panel in front side with Corning Gorilla Glasslass 3 protection. Thankfully, the notch will not bother you too much as it is a very small waterdrop notch, same as the Realme 2 Pro. The resolution of the display is 1080x2340 pixe…

LG's new patent shows 16 cameras in one smartphone

Dual cameras has been the trend for 2018 smartphones. Even the budget phones are coming with 2 cameras nowadays. Talking about two to three till now. But now the fight between the smartphone makers has started in the camera segment. Eventually we saw the triple camera smartphone by Huawei and quadruple setup by Samsung. Even Nokia 9 leaks are giving a hint of 5 lenses' camera setup in it. But South Korea's tech company LG has planned to surpass everyone. They want to add 16 cameras behind the smartphone. Already the Patent Office of the US (USPTO) has approved the application of LG's patent applications.

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      According to a post published in Dutch blog "Letsgo Digital", LG has designed 16 cameras to install on their smartphones.  The cameras will be arranged in a matrix structure. This allows the users to take pictures from different directio…

Oppo R17 Pro coming to India very soon, Snapdragon 710 and triple rear cameras will be the highlights

Oppo is doing nice in 2018. At least we got some relief from old hardwares and getting good overall features now with respect to the price. But the most premium phones from Oppo, which are released in their "R" series never came to India. Be it the R15, R17 or the earlier phones. Recently Oppo announced that they are going to launch its latest R17 Pro in India. Here are the specs for the Oppo's new launch in India.
Design & display:      As mentioned before, Oppo's R17 Pro is one of their most premium devices after the Find X. That's in its looks and features too. The R17 Pro has a premium glossy look with bright colours in the back side of the phone. In the front side, it has a 6.4-inch Full HD+ notched (waterdrop) AMOLED panel with 1080x2340 resolution. It gives the display a 19.5:9 aspect ratio with 402 PPI pixel density. The display will also carry the optical fingerprint scanner under it and will be protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 6.

Slow Android updates: Why your Android smartphone still doesn't have the latest software from Google

Android is the most popular operating system worldwide. More than 60% smartphones are running on Android platform. That's not only because Android is free but it also provides good features and functionalities. Recently we saw the Android Pie ( version 9.0) in August, 2018. It has many innovative features like in built AI battery management, gesture based navigation and most discussed, digital wellbeing, which is also my personal favourite.
       But one of the major problems with Android smartphone manufacturers is the late Android updates. While we see the ios getting updated within two months of its launch to 80% of the iphones, Android is not like that. Even after 3 months manufacturers are providing one year old Android Oreo out of the box in 90% of devices. Very few devices has been launched with pie out of the box like OnePlus' 6T, Huawei's Mate 20 Pro, Honor's Honor Magic 2 etc.
       Even some Android One devices are still waiting to get the taste of Pie…

Redmi Note 6 Pro launched in India: First Note series phone to have same processor

Xiaomi had the mid-range segment in their claws till March 2018. Especially the Note series by Xiaomi always had good sales record starting from Note 4G, which was the least priced 4G phone of 2014. They continued the series with Note Prime, Note 3, Note 4 and Note 5/5 Pro. Each and every phone were dominating in their respected pricing. But now things are not like before. Xiaomi has been pushed behind from the dominating place it had almost one year ago in the Indian market. All because of the rising competition by other brands in the mid-range market. Recently we saw the Note 6 Pro launching in the global market. And it is the first time Xiaomi launched a Note series phone with the same processor like its predecessor. Not just processor, Xiaomi's new Note has many features common with its predecessor. We will be discussing them all in this article.
Design & display:        The new Note looks exactly the same as the previous one from the back side. Same metal back, came…

Kolkata crossed Delhi's reading of pollution meter to become the most polluted city in India after Diwali

Just after Diwali, Kolkata gets big reason to fear when pollution meter crossed Delhi's reading. The most pollution among the major cities of the country is in Delhi. It was known to this day. But this time Kolkata is moving too close to Delhi. According to the latest report of the Central Pollution Control Board, Kolkata is increasing fear for the country's most polluted cities. Calcutta's air is at the moment in the country's most polluted list.

     The air quality index released by the Board for the last week, the metro City Kolkata tops the list beating Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai. And that is a big reason to fear for Kolkata's people.

     As per the rules of the pollution control system, there are rules for installing air quality measuring instruments in every city. There are at least 19 automatic stations in Delhi. Calcutta has two At Rabindra Bharati University on one of BT Road and the other at the Victoria Memorial Hall. In a densely populated area and …

Honor 10 Lite with Kirin 710 and 24 MP front shooter: More than a successor can be

Honor has come up with the successor of Honor 9 lite, which was launched as a mid-range range phone but got dethroned by the Note 5 series of Redmi just after 3 months. It is the Honor 10 lite which is also the lite version of Honor's budget flagship, the Honor 10. So basically we are going to have a good budget range phone with some flagship touch. And the leaks make it sure. Honor 10 lite features are impressive on paper till now and can compete the market if launched in good price.
Design & Display:      Honor 10 lite has the glossy back finish with gradiant colours like the Honor 8X series. This looks premium and feels good in the hand. In the front, side it has a 6.21 inch Full HD+ IPS LCD notched display with 1080x2280 resolution and 19:9 aspect ratio. The display has and impressive 84.5% screen to body ratio with a pixel density of 406 PPI. The design of the phone looks impressive and the display looks no less.
Performance:     In terms of performance, the Honor 10 …

Smartphones explosion: Reasons behind exploding and precautions to be taken to avoid the disaster

Smartphones are being used by 9 out of 10 people in the world. This is one of the most used gadgets nowadays. But using it for to much time can cause harm to the user. Everyone of us has heard about smartphones exploding in recent times. Be it the Note 7 by Samsung (which had the maximum numbers of exploding phones due some miss match in designs of battery and body of the phone) or other phones like Xiaomi, Motorola, Nokia etc. Even iPhones have been in the list of exploding phones.
      It actually depends on the usage of the device. And the part that explodes in the smartphone is the battery of the phone. And we should look after the batteries of the phone as this is the most sensitive part of the phone and it also starts degrading sooner than other parts of the phone. Here we'll discuss the actions you are taking wrong (if doing) while using your phone and also the actions to be taken for better battery life.
1. Charging out of the boundary:        Most of the explosions …

Vivo Y95 and Y81i: Vivo's struggle continuous in the lower budget segment

Vivo has been great in 2018. Till last year, we saw Vivo phones carrying old hardwares, low specs according to the price. Only the cameras were in their priority list. But now Vivo has come up with good specs with fine pricing also. We saw first UD fingerprint scanner from them and now more reputed brands like Xiaomi and OnePlus are using them in their phones also. We saw the first all screen display with sd845, pop up camera and no notch from them, the Vivo Nex. We also got the Vivo V11 Pro with great combination of AMOLED screen, waterdrop notch with IR face unlock, UD FP scanner and a great view on the rear side.
    But we are still unable to find a good lower mid range or budget range smartphone from the brand till now. Vivo has done impressive improvements in their flagship and upper mid range phones like V9 Pro, V11, X21 etc. But still unable to find perfect balance in the lower mid range market. Recently Vivo launched two mid range phones in China but the specs were not justi…

The best selling brands world wide: Is your smartphone brand in this list?

Many of us have the habit to check the brand before buying any product. Whether it's clothes or smartphones. The brand gets the most importance before buying anything. And, the brands also highlight the class. The more expensive brands, the greater the acceptability of them in the society. But, Brand means more quality. The quality of any merchandise creates a brand. Therefore, it is very normal and reasonable to judge quality before buying things.

     And, in the same way, here are the names of the five best smartphone brands in the world. Based on the sales volume of the last few months (July-September, 2018), the research company IDC brings a report forward. Report data shows that 355.2 million smartphones have been sold this year. And, the list of brands made based on them.

1) Samsung:       Samsung has a very big market share worldwide. Most smartphones have been sold by this company. Of which two phones are notable, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy A-series. A total of 72.2 milli…

Smartphone sensors: Know the use of most commonly used sensors in your smartphone

Hello tech world. Here we are back with another article on the smartphone sensors which we use in our smartphones for multiple usage. From taking calls to the security factors, sensors are very important part of our smartphones. But do we all know the exact use of every sensor. If no, then here's the answer. We will discuss the mobile phone sensors and the usage of them all.
1. Ambient light sensor:       As the name suggests, the ambient light sensor works as the light sensor for the smartphone. It measures the amount of light around the phone. We have the auto-brightness option in our smartphones which controls the brightness of the smartphone screen (if the option is enabled) automatically. Whenever we(actually the smartphone, more accurately the particular portion of the smartphone which carries the ambient light sensor) are in a dark room the brightness goes lower and whenever we are outside in the sunlight the brightness is highest. This is controlled by the ambient lig…

Honor Magic 2: Another slider with triple cameras in both sides

Huawei's sub brand Honor has come up with their latest flagship smartphone with the slider mechanism for the front cameras. This will be the first slider camera from the brand and they have taken the concept to the next level as the slider does not contain one or two cameras. It has three lensess for selfies all under the slider. It also have impressive specs to look at with the glossy back and full view display. Design as display:      The Honor Magic 2 has glossy glass back with two-colour gradiant finish. In the front side, it has a 6.39" Full HD+ AMOLED screen with 1080x2340 pixels resolution and 403 PPI pixel density. The screen also contains the optical fingerprint scanner under it. The phone will have no notch or big bezels and will be considered as a full view display without the slider.
Performance:      Performance wise the smartphone will be a beast. Because this smartphone will be carrying the first 7 nm processor in it like the Huawei Mate 20 series, which…

Lenovo Z5 Pro: Cheapest sliding camera phone from Lenovo with quad cameras

Just after few days of launching the cheapest smartphone with IR face unlock, Lenovo is again back with the cheapest slider phone which was limited to flagship range till now. Lenovo is come out with its Z5 Pro with a motorized camera slider like Honor Magic 2, Mi Mix 3. Where the other brands are providing the flagship processor and pricing, Lenovo has done something interesting here by providing it in the budget range. Let's check the complete specs down.
Design and display:       As mentioned above, this smartphone will have the most innovative design in its segment with the sliding camera technology. On the rear side it will feature a glass finish wth no physical fingerprint scanner as the sensor will be mounted under its 6.39" Full HD+ full view AMOLED panel. The resolution of the display will be 1080x2340 pixels with 19.5:9 aspect ratio and 403 PPI pixel density. We rarely get a UD fingerprint scanner in this price range but Lenovo has done with another good thing which…

The first ever foldable display smartphone arrives, but not from Samsung or Huawei: Royole FlexPai

The newest trend of smartphones(or may be the tablets) has arrived in the name of "Foldable smart devices". Samsung and Huawei were in the race with promises to launch the foldable devices near the end of 2018. But they both have failed to be the first one as the first ever foldable smart device has come out from a small display manufacturing company from China, named the Royole Technology (also known as Rouyu). The company has launched the product in China on 31st October, 2018.

Design and Display:
         The foldable devices have now been a reality and the device is truly foldable from 0-180°, where the folded one gives a 4" display and you can get a 7.8" screen after expanding it. The device has three separate parts on the rear side. One of them has a glass panel and contains the battery and processor. In the middle it has the flexible frame to fold the device along with its display and finally the last part with smaller display and all the sensors and…