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Sliding camera phones: Is this the real future of smartphones or just a feature to show off

In 2018 second quarter, we witnessed the newest design of the smartphones till now. We had four camera smartphones, Triple on the rear side, higher megapixel count but this was different from all of them. Yes, the moving camera module, which the companies are mentioning is the future of smartphones. But is this the real future, was the smartphone industry waiting for this evolution for so long? Here, we'll try to find our answers of the same.        The camera beasts of the market, Oppo and Vivo, did a spectacular job this year and tried to give the customers something new rather than just cameras. The full-screen displays, maybe the displays with almost 95-98% screen to body ratio, you might think. But this is still just a dream for smartphone fans. It all started in 2017, when Apple launched its newest till now, the iPhone x, which surprisingly had a new type of screen there, a cut at the corners of the top of the screens, which they mentioned as a notch. The screen to body ratio…

Samsung Galaxy A6s: First smartphone from Samsung but not made by Samsung

Yes, you read it right. Samsung, in the first time in history, is moving to a Chinese manufacturer to make their phones. The Galaxy A6s will be the first phone in the history of Samsung which will be manufactured by Wingtech, the company which also makes the Xiaomi phones. All these are happening because of the competition in the mid-range segment in the Chinese market. According to some surveys, Samsung's share in the smartphone market of China had gone below 1% where the Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo etc are ruling. Samsung has closed one of its two factories in China too. Samsung has launched some mid-range phones like J8 and On8 but the hardware was like budget phones. So Samsung finally decided to face the competition head-on and launch some good midrangers. And here's the surprise. This Samsung phone will compete most of the mid-range phones with its great specs and also right pricing. Design and display:       This Samsung smartphone will, for the…

Smartphone lag and hang problem: Reasons and possible solutions

Smartphones are most commonly used gadgets today. We can see a smartphone in almost every hand of a human being. And obviously, people use their phones to deal with a number of activities nowadays which we have to do by waiting for a long time. The smartphone manufacturers also are providing good powerful phones in good pricing. We have sd636 starting under 11k, helio p60 under 9k and the best, sd845 under 21k. But most of these phones are good for the first one or two years. After a limited time, most of the phones starts lagging, becomes slower than before or hangs sometimes. We don't get the feeling we had the first with the same phone. Well, this normal and the reasons behind this are quite clear. Here we will discuss then and solutions regarding them.
1. Outdated hardwares:         Here, the word "hardware" mainly means the processor, which is often called the heart of a device by the experts. It doesn't matter how powerful your phone's processor is …

Bottleneck: What is bottleneck? How it affects a smartphone or laptop and what are the solutions

Today we are going to discuss one of the most rare topics in the field of technology, the Bottleneck. Maybe some of you have heard about this before, some may are listening for the first time. But if you aren't getting the best level of satisfaction from your device right now despite having the best hardware in it this can be one of the reasons. And if this is true then go through this article and you'll get your answers.        The word "Bottleneck" itself describes what this can be. This is something that causes problem in a system and the system can't give its best regarding its components or potential. If we take the meaning, we better take an example of a bottle. We can store a limited amount of liquid in a bottle. But structure of a bottle is made in such a way that the whole amount of liquid that is stored in the bottle doesn't come out at a time. The key role here plays the neck area of the bottle, which is made very tiny compared to its body. As …

Lenovo S5 Pro: Cheapest smartphone to come with hardware based face unlock

Lenovo had been silent for more than a year. Where the other brands are launching their devices back to back to give competition to others, Lenovo has come up now with its S5 Pro in the sub 15k range. Lenovo recently had an event in China where they launched the S5 Pro with quad camera setup. It will compete with the Redmi Note 6 Pro and Realme 2 Pro. While the pricing to specs ratio is quite close, this smartphone will give a headache to most of the OEMs.
Design & display:      Lenovo S5 Pro will be coming with a unibody metal design and a notched display in the front side. The cameras will be stacked vertically on the back side like the Vivo and Asus phones and also the fingerprint sensor will be near. The display here will be containing a 6.26" Full HD+ IPS LCD panel with 1080x2246 resolution and an 18.7:9 aspect ratio. The screen to body ratio here will be 83% and 402 PPI pixel density. This smartphone will have one of those modern displays which consumers will love …

Huawei's NM Card: The new storage device from Huawei can be the evolution for the memory cards

Huawei recently had an event in London, the city of dreams. Here we saw the first look of the latest flagship of them, the Huawei Mate 20 series. This article is not on the smartphones launched by Huawei in the launch event. It is about the little change adapted by the brand to improve the external storage space for their new flagship devices.
       Huawei put up the history of mobile storage options of last 15 years, where the sdcards were ruling all over. Be it the mobile phones, cameras or others we all have used the little chip made of PVC or simply, plastic. Day by day, the smartphone manufacturers are finding excuses to put that little thing out from their smartphones though, starting from Apple iphones. But some brands like Samsung are still providing the feature in their flagship level phones.
       Huawei Mate 20 series is also one of those. It does come with an option of expanding the memory with external storage device (hybrid slot though). But in its own way. Hua…

Asus's Delhi Event: Asus launches two new entry level phones in India named the The Zenfone Max M1 and the Zenfone Lite L1

Asus has been in the headlines from last two weeks, starting from the Geekbench scores of Zenfone Max Pro M2 and the Zenfone Max M2. Then Asus sent media invites for their global launch event in Delhi on 17th October. Everyone was expecting the new king for the market. All this hype was because of Asus's previous two phones, the Zenfone Max Pro M1 and Zenfone 5z. These two phones got so much love and appreciation from the market due to their price and specs that the expectations were high up in the sky. But here Asus has launched two budget segment phones which wil be the entry level phones. The Zenfone Max M1 and the Zenfone Lite L1.
Design and Display:      Both the phones have metallic finish unlike others in the segment, which have the polycarbonate body. The Zenfone Max have the fingerprint sensor on the back side, where the Zenfone Lite relies on only the face unlock facility. Both the Zenfones, the Max and the Lite will have a 5.45 inch HD+ IPS screens with 18:9 aspect …

Honor 8C: New processor, bigger battery from the brand will be the USP

Honor recently launched its new smartphone in China named the Honor 8C which is being considered as the successor to the 7C, launched 5 months ago. Honor definitely needed to bring some upgradation in their lower budget phones so that customers have some options to look at from their side also. This may fill the gap and attract some consumers. Let's have some look at the specs of the device.
       Honor will be introducing a 6.26 inch HD+ TFT LCD IPS display with the Honor 8C. The resolution of the display will be 720x1520 pixels that will give the display a pixel density of 293 PPI and an aspect ratio of 19:9 with the notch. No other thing has been confirmed and we will have to wait for the device to be launched in India.
      Honor 8C will be coming with the newest launch from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 632, which was launched just 4 months ago in June '18. It is made with 14 nm FinFETT technology and is an octa-core based processor having 1.8 GHz clock speed. It is s…

Oppo K1: Oppo's new series to come with the in display fingerprint sensor

We recently saw a feature-packed, powerful smartphone by the sub-brand of Oppo, the Realme 2 Pro. Just after 2 weeks, Oppo had announced another beast named Oppo K1 to compete with its own sub-brand. Even the Realme 2 Pro sales are yet to be started when Oppo announced this. Definitely, competition in the Indian smartphone market is growing day by day and the consumers getting a lot more options to choose from. This is the first phone of the K series from Oppo.
Design and display:      Oppo will bring the premium looking glass back design like its most of mid-range phones. But this time without the fingerprint sensor on the rear. The Oppo will have the under display fingerprint sensor. That's why it will have a super AMOLED Full HD+ screen sized 6.4 inches and the waterdrop notch. The resolution of the phone will be 1080x2340 with 404 PPI pixel density and 19.5:9 aspect ratio. Now Oppo is also coming with the under display fingerprint sensor concept in the mid-range segment …

Global Internet shut down for 48 hours in up coming few days: find the reality

"All the internet users of the whole world are being concerned about the fact that the internet services can be interrupted in upcoming days for almost 48 hours globally. This is being found on the internet vastly that internet will be stopped for 2 days and no one will be spared. Note this can be good for some and also a disaster for the others, depending on their needs of the internet."
      Well, this news is being spread by many social media platforms and also by a number of websites on the internet from last 24-48 hours. This news is not exactly true, but just a rumour which is spread by passing one to another. But this can happen that your internet service gets interrupted for several times. But why? Let's find out.
      First, let us go through the source of the news, an article by Russia Today which is an international television network of Russia supported by Russian government. According to them,
    "The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and…

Samsung Galaxy A9s: Another camera beast from Samsung enters the market, this time with 4 in the rear

Samsung is launching back to back budget phones to compete in the mid-range segment and get a dominating spot. Recently we saw the Samsung Galaxy A7's 2018 edition which had triple camera lenses in the rear side. Now they are going one step ahead and bringing the 4th one to give better camera experience. The upcoming mid-range from Samsung, the Galaxy A9s, is going to be the first quadruple camera phone. Rumors are are suggesting that this phone can be launched by Samsung in very near future and it will also have better specs than the Galaxy A7.
     The Samsung Galaxy A9s, also known as the A9s, is expected to have a 6.28 inches super AMOLED display with a 1080x2220 resolution having 393 pixel density and 18.5:9 aspect ratio. So if you are tired of hearing about the notched phones, here's some relief for you. Because Samsung is one of those only brands which still haven't gone with the notch in any of their phones.
     We can see the Qualcomm's mid-range king, …

Qualcomm takes on Apple: Blames them for the leaks of their source code and providing it to Intel

If you were wondering whether the long-running battle between Apple and Qualcomm was going to continue to grow in intensity or be quietly settled, it looks like we now have an answer.

Qualcomm has dramatically upped the ante in its latest court filing, now accusing Apple of stealing its source code and giving it – and other trade secrets – to rival chipmaker Intel …

CNBC reports the news with a pun even I would hesitate to use.

Qualcomm has unveiled explosive charges against Apple for stealing “vast swaths” of its confidential information and trade secrets for the purpose of improving the performance of chipsets provided by Qualcomm competitor Intel, according to a filing with the Superior Court of California.

The allegations are contained in a complaint that Qualcomm hopes the court will amend to its existing lawsuit against Apple for breaching the so-called master software agreement that Apple signed when it became a customer of Qualcomm’s earlier this decade.

Qualcomm has previous…

Realme C1: Better value for money than Realme 2 Pro

Realme is doing a fabulous job by launching phones that are highly demanded by the public. They are taking the response from their consumers and improving their products according to them. Their mostly awaited product was the Realme 2 Pro. But in the launch event, they launched another value for money product with the Realme 2 Pro. And it looks more balanced than the Realme 2 Pro according to the price. We will have
a look on its specs and conclude why this is the better value for money product than the Realme 2 Pro.
Design and build:       Realme has launched their each and every phone with a polycarbonate body till now. Realme C1 was no exception. It has the same design as the Realme 2 Pro, with a glossy finish and no diamond cut. It makes the phone look a little different from the brand's previous launches. It has a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection on the screen and no fingerprint sensor.
Display:       Realme C1 here comes with the same display we saw on the Realme 2 la…

7 drawbacks for the Realme 2 Pro that can be the deal breakers

Realme came to India in May 2018 and launched the Realme 1 with great specs and low pricing. After that Mr. Madhav Seth, the Chief Executive Officer of Realme, did the perfect research on what Indian smartphone consumers want in their phones. And the answer was quite clear, performance with decent price. Thus Realme got the key and focused on public's demand. They launched the Realme 2 Pro recently and it was the perfect phone for maximum Indians, with sd660 and the dewdrop notch. This is the cheapest phone to come with those features. Now, does the phone matches the quality a smartphone needs nowadays or it's just a hype that we should ignore? We will be discussing 7 drawbacks of the phone and compare with pros of the phone to find out if the pros are enough to compromise with them or not. 1. The polycarbonate build:        Nowadays most of the phones are coming with metallic or glass build in that price range to provide durability and looks. But Realme 2 Pro here has a …

6 biggest battery smartphones of 2018 under 20,000/- INR

Battery has been one of the most important things in smartphones these days. People want their phones to run for the longest time and they don't need the power adapter at all. But this couldn't be possible till now, hope in future we may witness anything close to this. But we have some phones now in 2018 which can run longer than other phones and help us to forget the charger at least for one or two days. We have picked up some of them for the battery lovers and would like to have your eyes on them.

1. Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1:        Asus did a fabulous job by launching a battery beast that can give you more than one day or sometimes 2 days without charging. It is the lowest priced phone which comes with a 5000 maH battery in 2018. The hardware and software are also very much impressive as the phone comes with sd636 supported by Adreno 509 and the stock Android UI. The phone has an average camera review but they look decent according to the price. So you can look at this if…

Nokia 7.1 Plus (Nokia X7): Nokia comes with sd710 to upgrade the 7 plus

Nokia is launching its Android One phones back to back in India to regain its position in the market. Recently we saw the upgraded versions of the Nokia 6 and Nokia 5 which were named as Nokia 6.1 plus and Nokia 5.1 respectively with great specs and the Android One program. Here we have again the Nokia 7.1 plus which is also very promising with its specs.
    Nokia 7.1 plus is expected to be the first phone from the brand to feature the Snapdragon's 700 series chipset. This processor stands between the 600 and the 800 series. So it will provide good performance in a mid-range smartphone. Nokia 7.1 plus is expected to carry the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 Soc in it. The processor has 2 kryo 360 gold cores clocked at 2.2 GHz and 6 kryo 360 silver cores clocked at 1.7 GHz. It has the support of Adreno 616 GPU to provide smooth and lag-free gaming experience. This is also the first processor from Qualcomm to feature Adreno's 600 series GPU in a mid-range chipset. The processor is…

OnePlus 6T specs: New waterdrop notch and under display fingerprint scanner

OnePlus is all set to launch the successor of the OnePlus 6 in Indian. The official website of OnePlus has a banner written October 17 on it. So we can expect something new on that they from them. And also Mr Amitabh Bachchan is on the television saying that OnePlus 6T is coming very soon. According to him, the phone is very fast. Let's see how faster it can be than the predecessor.
       The OnePlus 6T will be coming to the market with a 6.41" optic AMOLED display and the same glass back like its predecessor. But this time it comes with a waterdrop notch and the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 6 protection on it. The resolution of the screen will be the 1080x2340 pixels along with 402 PPI pixel density and 19.5:9 aspect ratio. The display will be featuring the fingerprint scanner under it, for the first time in a OnePlus device.
       The OnePlus 6T will be featuring the same processor like its predecessor, OnePlus 6. The Snapdragon 845 will power the 6T also along wi…